• Duration 18h 30m
  • Total Enrolled 12
  • Last Update May 9, 2020


Enjoy mathematics with us. Let’s make learning be much easier for everyone. Maths is a key to enter universities and to pursue any degree of choice. Failing maths would mean missing out on important opportunities including student allowance.

What Will I Learn?

  • Solve basic mathematics problems
  • Apply differently formulas in different problems
  • Understand different equations in different chapters

Topics for this course

7 Lessons18h 30m


exponential function
hyperbolic line function
Cubic function
past papers
Straight line
Parabola function
Domain n Range
exponential questions
hyperbolic questions
Cubi Functtion questions

Number Patterns

Similarities Geometry

Analytical Geometry


Material Includes

  • Video Tutorials
  • Study Guide
  • Mentors


  • Learners should have a calculator for this module
  • Full attention is required

Target Audience

  • Grade 10 learners
  • Grade 11 learners
  • Grade 12 leaners


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